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Civil Society Activists Demand Gov’t, to Ensure Justice for Nadir Khan

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2016)

1On Swapping of sisters, the civil society activists demanded the Government of Afghanistan and justice- Judicial departments to ensure justice for Nadir Khan the father two daughters whom were married forcibly in one night with one man in Shewa district of Nangarhar province.

Nadir Khan the father two sisters is in Kabul, saying if the Government of Afghanistan does not ensure the justice, he will burn himself in front of the Presidential palace here in Kabul.

The husband named Khudai Rahm who is one of the body guards of the former commander Gull Rahim at Nangarhar has swapped the first lady for having no virginity and brought her younger sister as his wife on the same night.

Nadir Khan said, “If the Government does not ensure justice, I will burn myself and my whole family members in front of Presidential palace, I prefer death but to live without dignity, I knocked several doors for help in 15 days in Nangarhar, but none heard my voice.”

Civil society activist said, “ none has yet to respond to Nadir Khan, I ask the Governor and security officials in Nangarhar, what were you sent for, what is your task?.”

Meanwhile the other civil society activist Hameeda Wardak accused Government and related departments for failing to review any cases.

She said, “Government of Afghanistan and justice-judicial departments have failed to review such cases but media were always there to reflect cases of violence throughout the country.”

Earlier the Governor spokesman Attaullah Khogyania had said, “Operation launched few people from the groom family members were arrested along with the Imam who did the matrimony of both sisters.”

Meanwhile the imam who signed the marriage contract said, “When I came to Haji Rasoul Dad house, I was told that Marwa daughter of Nadir khan who had signed marriage contract 3 years ago is no more wife the family, but the groom is willing to marry the second daughter of Nadir Khan Marhaba with satisfactory of both family members.”

The civil society activists have staged rally in front of Parliament demand the members of the both houses to exert pressures over the Government Nadir Khan case.

Reported by: Yousuf Rashid Yasa

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