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Civil Activists Criticize Government Over Rescue Of Abductees

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2015)


A number of Afghan civil activists on Thursday criticized government’s negligence for releasing the 31 abducted passengers in Zabul.

Afghan civil activists with publishing a statements demand Afghan government to set aside irresponsibility and soon takes serious measures for releasing the abductees.

About 3 weeks ago, a group of armed masked men in southern Afghanistan, Shah Joy district of Zabul province stopped two buses traveling to the capital, Kabul, and abducted around 31 people belonging to the ethnic Hazara minority.

However, efforts and operations are underway for releasing the abductees but some of Afghan civil activists criticized government’s incompetence.

Fahim Fetrat, a member of civil society said, “It is still unclear who have abducted the 31 passengers in Zabul and the government had done nothing regarding the issue.”

In the meantime, some sources said Taliban has denied involvement in the abduction of 30 men from the Hazara ethnic community in southern Zabul province.

A statement issued by Taliban spokesperson said the kidnappers have no affiliation with Taliban, giving another twist to the case that has hogged headlines in recent weeks.

“We consider it necessary to announce to our countrymen that this kidnapping is not linked to our mujahideen, and we are not involved in it,” Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said in the email statement.

At the same time, Afghan civil activists praised Afghanistan-Taliban peace talks but are concerned over the lost of Afghanistan 13 years achievements.

Earlier, President Ghani has said that he supports Afghanistan last 13 years achievements.

Reported By Lida Neiazi

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