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China Supports Taliban in Helmand: Afghan Official

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2017)

54ec3193a9ddbAfghan security officials have claimed that China is supporting the armed Taliban group in Helmand province of Afghanistan by providing them with explosive materials.

According to an Afghan official, beside China the Arabic countries are also financially supporting the Taliban group, warning Helmand has become a bloody battleground for neighboring countries and the region.

“All say China is innocent, but all explosives to Taliban come from China. Taliban’s laser and heavy weapons proves that China is involved,” said Abdul Jabar Qahraman, military operations chief in volatile Helmand province.

On the other hand, China has been promising military aid, including light weapons and aircraft parts, to the Afghanistan government with an aim to strengthen the Afghan National Army to fight against the Taliban.

Chinese companies have hugely invested in Afghanistan, especially in petroleum and copper fields, but Beijing’s major concern in Afghanistan is largely based on security threats.

In the meantime, Iran is now considered one of the active and key players of the war. Local officials in Helmand disclosed that there are terrorist’s training bases in Iran.

“Iran and Pakistan want to cooperate and support Taliban in the new season of war and it is far more likely that Iran made terrorist centers for this group in its soil,” Hayatullah Hayat, governor of Helmand said.

Afghan Taliban spokesperson and second-in-command, Mullah Zabihullah, told the Saudi newspaper last year that the Taliban “maintains good relations and communications with Iran according to a regional understanding.”

Security officials have also confirmed that beside China the Arabic countries are also supporting Taliban in Helmand.

According to security information, Arabic countries are continuing their proxy wars with Iran and Pakistan in Helmand province.

“The Taliban we are fighting against are not Afghans, they are foreigners who are fighting against us,” said one of the Afghan soldiers in Helmand.

This comes as previously, Taliban released a statement have claimed that there were no any foreigners in their ranks and files and no any foreign country supporting them.

By: Baees Hayat, Sami Jahesh & Zackrya Sahari

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