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China stresses on reviving “Silk Road” in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2016)

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China’s ambassador to Kabul once again emphasized on its long-term cooperation in construction of the “silk road”; citing his country is committed to its commitments.

Yao Jing, Chinese ambassador to Kabul has warned that if Afghanistan would not be a hotspot in the region,  all regional countries and markets will be isolated.

Jing announced of constructing a new railway from China to Mazar-e Sharif for importing Chinese goods to Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is in the south, central and western Asia and is a hotspot for these areas,” Yao Jing, Chinese ambassador to Kabul said.

He counts China’s transactions with Afghanistan reaches to $ 1 billion annually; stressing Beijing is attempting to increase this figure.

In the meantime, the political deputy of Afghan foreign ministry warned that Afghanistan would not have peace without silk road and the region will be facing serious threats.

He emphasizes on implementation of the silk road construction; adding further economic fields would be provided with the silk road.

There has been a growing sense of optimism among Afghans about the New Silk Road, a key part of Chinese initiative.

The multi-billion dollar project, financed by the Chinese government, aims to build as well as connect roads, railways and seaports across three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.

The New Silk Road’s land route would most benefit Afghanistan, a landlocked country that relies on Pakistan and Iran for access to seaports: If the proposed land route passed through Afghanistan, it would directly connect the country to Europe and the Far East.

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