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China Set to Host Taliban, Afghan Politicians

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

China will host an intra-Afghan dialogue between Taliban and Afghan politicians to discuss issues about Afghanistan, especially the peace process.

Mohammad Ismail Khan, a prominent politician and former Jihadi leader who is invited to the meeting on Monday told Ariana News that former president Hamid Karzai will lead the Afghan delegation.

According to Mr. Ismail Khan, 30 Afghan politicians including representatives of the government have been invited to attend the meeting that will be held in another two weeks.

He said the Beijing meeting is in the format of peace meetings held between Taliban and Afghan politicians in Moscow and it will pave the ground for the launch of intra-Afghan peace talks.

“It is a dialogue, an understanding similar to Moscow meeting,” he said.

A government source confirmed that Beijing has invited Kabul to send its representative to the meeting.

Apparently, Afghan government has postponed its decision until the announcement of the election result, the source added.

However, Dawa Khan Meenapal, a spokesman for the presidential palace emphasized on Monday that any peace meeting must be led and owned by the Afghans.

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