China held three rounds of Taliban talks: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)

PARLIMENT_14_03_2015_DARI_SOT.avi_snapshot_00.39_[2015.03.14_16.46.47]China has held three rounds of talks with the Taliban insurgent groups and asked the group to directly talk with the Afghan government, Chief Executive of Afghanistan said on Friday.

The philosophy behind having China involved in Afghan peace-talks is because we want to use China influence over the fight against terrorists, China have held one, two or three rounds of talks with the Taliban in the past few months,” Abdullah Abdullah said at a conference organized by an Indian media group.

They asked the Taliban to have talks directly with the Afghan government, that’s a good message,” Abdullah said, adding that he did not know what the outcome would be of China’s efforts.

On the other hand Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi speaker of the House warns if Afghan-Taliban peace negotiations did not stop the ongoing war in Afghanistan these negotiations is just a plot to face Afghanistan with a new crisis.

Peace process with Taliban insurgent groups must be transparent, we will not tolerate any hidden bargain, if peace talks does not stop the ongoing war in Afghanistan; this is just a plot to face Afghanistan with crisis,” Ebrahimi said.

Lawmakers further worry about Pakistan benefiting peace talks on his own favor.

Shir Wali, a member of Afghan Parliament said,” We sacrifice for peace, but Pakistan is benefiting, peace must stop the combat war in Afghanistan”.

Afghanistan High Peace Council (AHPC) accepts President Ghani direct contacts with Taliban officials.

Mohammad Akbari, MP and member of AHPC said,” The President has directly contacted with Taliban officials, but they still haven’t agreed officially to start peace negotiations with Afghan government”.

China has close ties with Afghanistan’s neighbouring Pakistan who is believed to support and equip Taliban insurgent groups in a proxy war in Afghanistan and is believed to have a considerable control over the Taliban leadership.

Pakistani officials earlier promised Afghan President that Taliban leaders are willing to open talks in early March and ceasefire the current fight against each other, but there is no news about talks with will be held in China.

Reported by: Fawad Naseri


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