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Chief of Kabul Mental Health Hospital Accuses of Illegal Practice “Bacha Bazi”

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)

0395aad2dd4db2a03254000cd7a17354A number of staffs working in Kabul mental health hospital accuse Khetab Kakar, head of the hospital of  abusing under-aged boys.

A number of Kabul mental diseases hospitals staffs accuses Khetab Kakar, head of the hospital with abusing under-aged boys.

Based on the confessions of the workers, the head of the hospital badly behaving with them at the same time.

“Early in the night, He [the head of the mental hospital] bring in a small boy and the party starts. He drinks wine and play cards with his friends till the morning.” A staff of the hospital told Ariana News, without disclosing his identity.

“He says that I have peed in your masjid. He told these insulting comments in front of all the hospital staffs.” Another hospital confessed to Ariana News.

While the head of hospital denies these accusations, adds some staffs put these comments due to their personal problems with him.

“We are all Muslims. These allegations are extremely funny and unbelievable.” Khetab Kakar, Kabul Mental diseases hospital Dean told our reporter.

Kabul hospital for Mental Diseases staffs insist, the ministry of the public health should oust head of the hospital as soon as possible, as he is not qualified. 

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