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Chief Executive Abullah Reacts to Atta M. Noor’s Remarks

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2017)

Afghan Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah in reaction to the recent remarks of Balkh governor, Atta Muhammad Noor said, “I have never stepped on people’s blood to reach the Sapidar Palace.”

Atta Muhammad Noor has previously said the chief executive failed to ensure security of the ordinary people during the protests that were shot dead and even run over by the armored vehicles.

Noor has also apologized to the Afghan people and his mainstream political allies for supporting CEO Abdullah Abdullah during 2014 presidential elections.

During the naming ceremony of Zanbaq square to the name of the martyred “M. Salem Izadyar” and martyrs of the last month, CEO stated the country is experiencing a tough situation and it is necessary to take steps with understanding the sensitive of the country.

Referring to Atta Muhammad Noor’s statements, CEO said, “One of our friends has said we must be ashamed of being in Sapidar palace. If it is true, we must shamefully die. But we fight because our nation is beating in the blood. If the situation changes in favor of the enemies, it means stepping on the nation’s blood.”

Abdullah Abdullah emphasized that Kabul deadly incidents will be seriously tracked and people’s demands will be addressed.

“I assure serious investigation for the Kabul bloody incidents. It is the demand of all of us,” said CEO.

The first deputy speaker of the Parliament, Muhammad Alam Izadyar noted that Afghanistan is facing various crises and it is necessary that all parties take steps for removal of them.

The Son of Afghan lawmaker, Muhammad Salem Izadyar was shot dead by Afghan police during an anti-government demonstration in Kabul.

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