Chief Executive Abdullah to lead first Cabinet Session

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2014)

2Presidential palace will be witness of the very first cabinet session on Monday.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and his two deputies to hold the first cabinet session after the establishing of the National Unity Government

According to chief executive Abdullah Abdullah all the decisions for the goods of the country has been made by the consultation of both the President of Afghanistan Ghani and my -self.

Gulagh Shirzai one of the members of the Abdullah Abdullah said,” mutual visit continues among both president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Abdullah Abdullah the chief executive for appointing the Governors both exchange their views.”

He also said,” after one month the cabinet for National Unity Government to be organized.”

A question rises that will the new cabinet members of the Afghan Government fulfill the desires of entire Nation?

Professor Farmarz Tamana has stated that persons should have skills to well manage the system.

Afghanistan new President Ashraf Ghani has began his activities with much speed which he has ordered several things for better adjustments and changes within his cabinet on his first day being as the president he had the mutual security pact in between Kabul and Washington to be signed.

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