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Chabahar agreement signed by 3 leaders in Iran

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2016)


Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Iran President Hassan Rohani and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi have signed the Chabahar agreement on boosting economy of the three countries, the following business route will connect Afghanistan into ocean and central Asia markets.

President Deputy Spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashimi said,” The main object signing the tripartite business agreement is to turn Afghanistan into a central point for south and central Asian countries.”

Meanwhile Deputy chamber of commerce and industry expressed his optimism over the following route saying Afghan business men will be connected with southern Asia markets.

Deputy chamber of commerce and industry KhanJan Alkozai said,” This is the shortest way for Afghanistan to be connected with ocean, the following port will boost the economy of Afghanistan.”

Earlier officials in Ministry of Commerce and industry had stated that Pakistan hasn’t been cooperating on boosting economy of Afghanistan.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Musafir Qoqandi said,” After the inauguration of the following port it will boost the economy, decrease the costs of business, and will expand the platforms for business.”

Economy experts have declared Chabahar port inauguration for Afghanistan full of benefits, insisting on Afghan Government not to lean only on the following route business.

Economy expert Taj Mohammad Talash said,” Chabahar port is important for our economy, and Afghan Government doesn’t have to depend on the following port, but it should think other business routes.”

Afghanistan is a landlocked country having connected with the oceans is very important for Afghanistan, efforts were underway to turn Afghanistan into a central point for all south and central Asian countries.

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