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CEO,IEC officials Report Holding of Parliamentary Election

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2015)


Officials in CEO office and Independent Election Commission have reported that parliamentary, Provincial council Elections to be held in coming month.

An schedule for holding the parliamentary Election will be shared to the Nation in coming two days officials in Independent Election Commission said.

One of the Presidential advisers has said,”discussions on reformation of the Afghanistan constitutions committee and ways of giving power to Prime Minister are underway.”

IEC commissioner Aziz Bakhatyari said,” If we begin our activities this year we will be capable to hold the parliamentary Election today next year,if we cant they we will be able to hold the parliamentary Election for 1396.”

If the reformation to be added within the Election system till the coming month, if it doesn’t then we will have the parliamentary Election for next year or so Presidential advisor Fazel Sancharaki said.

National Unity Government has been organized from two rivals, discussions are underway after the reformation of the Afghanistan constitution Prime Minister and his cabinet members will have go through lower house of the parliament to receive trust votes of the law makers.

Based on the political agreement Loya Jirga will be held after one year, lower house of the parliament will decide to organize the future political system of Afghanistan, Elections in the lower house will pave the way for a transparent holding of loya jirga, the following jirga will determine the powers of both Prime Minister and President in the country.


Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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