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CEO Stresses on Women’s Widespread Role in Financial Management

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

vlcsnap-2017-04-13-18h43m05s49Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah, during a commencement in a graduation ceremony called, accountancy and management as one of major fields in the country, which women should engage more with it.

He promised of providing fair work environment for working women in the country.

“Accountancy becomes a thriving field in Afghanistan and has become one of the main mostly interested educational major in our country.” CEO Abdullah said.

TIKA,  a non-governmental Turkish institution has established the female institute for accountancy and management. The officials in the Turkish organizations promise of more assistance for educational development.

“We do not only help Afghanistan in educational sectors, but it extends further in construction and health too.” Dukan Keiser, TIKA chief informed.

A number of graduates of the institute only wish the government should provide them job opportunities.

“Now, we want to work. Like that, we want to serve both our families and our country in broad.”Rahiba, a graduate said.

“Our country needs a lot of accountants; by the field we can play an important role in developing our country.” Hajira, a newly graduated told Ariana News.

TIKA, has provided training courses for 240 teachers in 2016 and intends to provide such vocational training for at least 400 teachers.

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