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CEO Praises Security Forces’ Achievements

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2016)

FILES-AFGHANISTAN-UNREST-POLITICS-ELECTIONChief Executive Officer, (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah called security forces’ efforts in fight against enemies full of “achievements”.

CEO considers suppressing Daesh group in Nangarhar and regaining several districts great achievements by Afghan security forces.

“Our security forces have many achievements in the past weeks and months. Clearing Gezab district, opening water route of Nuristan province, opening Maimana highway, clearing Pecheragam district and seizing drugs and launching successful operation to all across the country,” said CEO Abdullah.

Abdullah Abdullah noted that we will have a better security next year with the great winter plans of this year.

He says Afghan security forces will focus more on two issues;

1)- Rebuilding Security forces, serious attention to martyrs family and attracting more people to security ranks.

2)- Targeting the main centers and parts of enemy forces.

“We will have a better security next year,” CEO added.

Previously, US defense department has also pointed at Afghan security forces’ capabilities; citing if problems in leadership, distribution of intelligence data, air operations will be solved Afghanistan would have a better security situation.

Reported by Muhammad Yousuf Yasa

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