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CEO office Warns for Fundamental Reformation on IEC Office

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2015)


Officials in CEO office have warned that any little reformation on Electoral system will not make big changes unless a significant changes to be made on Independent Election Commission.

They have insisted that the upcoming the parliamentary Election with no significant changes on IEC officials will make the life harder.

Election experts have believed that disagreements in between the President and CEO office has postponed that no changes to be made on Election system.

CEO Deputy Spokesman Jawid Faisal said.” The National Unity Government agreement indicates that Afghanistan Electoral systems need significant changes and reformation and the above mentioned adjustments should be made before parliamentary Election(1394) in the country.”

Afghan National Unity Government agreements explains that in order to assure that Afghanistan Election to be fully credit the Election system significantly needs fundamental reformation, President is to responsible that the establishing of the NUG to change the IEC officials and the laws, he will also be responsible to implement the changes before Afghanistan parliamentary Election 1394 – 2015.

Head of Free Fair Election foundation Yuosuf Rashid said,” disagreement of interests that we have parliamentary Election both sides willing to have their influences on Mp house, Ministers issues, deprive of votes confidence in upcoming Mp house are the demands of both sides, one side asking to save the presidential system, other side is trying to save chancellery system the following issues have caused that some disagreements in between the sides.”

Meanwhile Heads of the Independent Election Commission IEC have said,” that no one can sack them from their positions, in case this happens it will be against the law and illegal.

Reported By Hameed Sidiqee


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