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CEO of Afghanistan called Farkhunda’s murder unjustifiable

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2015)

Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer condemns Farkhunda’s murder by mob and asking Afghans to wait as the judiciary institutions finalize their jobs.

Abdullah Abdullah who was speaking at the minister’s council session called Farkhunda’s killing “unjustifiable”.

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“The incident shocked everyone, martyrdom of our sister Farkhunda, the incident is an unjustifiable crime,” He said.

Mr. Abdullah added that the people seeking justice for Farkhunda should give time for the judicial system to punish the criminals.

“Now, the people of Afghanistan should let the judicial institutions to end this case, we must not be influenced by propaganda to forget the case.”

Ten days has passed since Farkhunda was beaten, burned and killed by Kabul mob in accusation of burning the holy Quran.

Currently, Farkhunda case is in the Afghanistan’s General Attorney Office and according to the Afghanistan’s Punishment Law if the accused proved guilty they will be punished heavily either an execution or a long-term imprisonment.

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Reported by: Farahnaz Frotan

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