CEO Abdullah Warns Gov’t Officials to Not Test People’s Patience

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2017)

Afghan Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah has criticized the working method of security institutions and warned government officials to not test people’s patience anymore.

Abdullah accepts the shortcomings in governing process and the lack of coordination between the security institutions.

“We must be convinced that there are shortcomings, lack of coordination between security institutions,” said CEO, Abdullah Abdullah.

He noted Afghan people are annoyed by terrorist attacks and this means the government officials failed to fulfill their responsibilities.

 “We have the responsibility to not test people’s patience. People have always shown that they are with the system,” Abdullah added.

According to CEO, Lack of timely notifications by security officials which repeated many times has made people think the security incidents are always being organized inside the system and government.

As Kabul witnessed deadly incidents in recent months, the government designed a new plan to prevent terrorist attacks in the capital and around the city.

Acting Chief of Kabul Garrison, Afzal Aman said, “We should record this date that we can prevent security incidents and will not be ashamed to people.”

The past three deadly incidents in the past Ramadan month in Kabul leaved more hundreds of people killed and wounded.

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