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CEO Abdullah assures safe releasing of the 31 abducted men

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2015)


CEO Abdullah Abdullah assures that the government has taken serious measures to release the 31 abducted men, but avoided to provide details on the efforts because of security issues.

Mr. Abdullah who was speaking at the minister’s council session on Monday pledges once again that the government will free safely the Afghans kidnapped in Zabul 44 days ago.

Serious attempts has been made to release these passengers, but the condition of the efforts is not released to the public because of its security sensitivity, we assure that releasing these men safely is on our top priority,” Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan said.

He further pointed to the conflict between Yemen Houthi rebels and the Saudi Arabia led coalition saying that protecting the Al-Haramain Al-Sharifain is our obligation in case of any threat faced.

Adding that the United Nation and Islamic countries must mediate to end this war peacefully thorough dialogues.

He said,” We recognize the democratically elected government in Yemen, but backing a peaceful resolution between Saudi Arabai and Yemen”.

A number of lawmakers worry about Afghanistan government decision backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen war, believing that it will take Afghanistan to battlefield for proxy war between regional powers.

MP Abdul Latif Pedram said,” President Ghani backing Saudi Arabia attacks on Yemen is wrong, because it takes Afghanistan to an unwanted war”.

Kabul-Riyadh relations are getting warmer after President Ghani’s inauguration.

Ghani has traveled three times to Saudi Arabia during the last six months since he has got the chair in order to gain the support of Riyadh to help open peace-talks between Afghan government and the Taliban and end the ongoing war in Afghanistan, but there is no evident yet.

Reported by: Fawad Naseri

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