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Central Bank Takes New Measures against Dollar Smuggling

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2018)

Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank) says it has taken new measures against smuggling of foreign currencies particularly dollar to Iran and other neighboring countries.

Following the sharp rise in the value of US dollar against Afghan currency in the market and concerns of the citizens in this regard, the Central Bank says the security forces have arrested dozens of individuals on charges of smuggling USD.

DAB stresses that the smuggling of the dollar is the main reason behind the decline of Afghani against USD, adding that has taken measures at borders to prevent the outflow of the dollar to neighboring countries.

“A plan has been made with relevant institutions to prevent smuggling. In one of the ports several smugglers have been arrested,” said Head of Central Bank Khalil Sediq.

Some economic analysts believe banking policies should be reviewed in order to have control over the value of foreign currencies.

This comes as on Sunday one dollar was exchanged with 76 AFN at Sarai Shahzada market – the biggest money market in the country.

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