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Central Bank Collects Money to Cover Natural Disaster

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2014)

Bank picThe Central Bank in Afghanistan Opens Bank Account for the private Banks working in Afghanistan to transfer some of their incomes annually to help and assist the Natural disaster across the country said officials on Sunday.

This objective is meant to be collecting money for the disaster areas across the country.

Head of the Afghanistan central bank Noorullah Dilawari said,”those private banks received permission work will collect money in the account which has just been opened for.”

Officials in central bank have declared that helping those people suffer from Natural disasters is one of our National responsibilities for the Afghan Nation.

Head of the central bank Dilawari stated that there 16 private banks active within the country.

Head of Natural disaster committee Daim Kakar has said,” in the past several years Afghan Nation have paid the prices for such disasters due to flooding, earthquake, drought, heavy storm; if the officials in Central bank fill full the promises made it could decline negative points of the Natural disasters.”

Head of the Ghanzanfar private Bank Ahmad Siar Quraishi has welcomed the following policy of the Central bank and declaring their supports and readiness.

Afghanistan is not the first country which collects money for recovery of the natural disasters in a bank account at central bank, still most of the countries in the world follow the same rule to help and assist their nation and country.

The following objective comes after that winter season is ahead of the Nation,due of heavy snow falls and rains a lot of the areas get damaged and people lose their life.

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