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Abdullah Reacts to Rumors over His Joint Electoral Coalition With Ghani

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2018)

The Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah says he will join the upcoming electoral campaigns in consultation with Afghan people.

Speaking at a gathering to unveil the works of former President, Burhanuddin Rabani, the Chief Executive said he read an article about his position in the upcoming election earlier at the day.

He declared his respect to the media outlets but emphasized that they should not arbitrarily set a position for him.

Previously, most of media outlets have reported over a joint electoral coalition between President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah; in a situation that the political rivals of both President Ghani and Chief Executive talk about the engineering of upcoming election by the National Unity Government leaders.

On the other hand, pointing at the closure of election commissions’ doors in some provinces of the country, Abdullah stated that holding election is the only possible way for determining the destiny of people by their own.

“Holding the upcoming election should not be prevented or disrupted for any reason. The biometricity of voters is a rational demand of people and political parties. The Independent Election Commission must consider this issue,” he added.

As the presidential election approaches, the political engagements has also risen. While the electoral process even made the most ardent political opponents friends to each other.

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