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CE Abdullah Inaugurates ‘One Stop Shop’ for Customs at Kabul Airport

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday inaugurated ‘One Stop Shop’ (OSS) at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in a bid to speed up customs procedures and increase exports. 

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Abdullah said that since its formation the National Unity Government has attempted to increase the exports of Afghan products; however, “practically we have been failed [to do so], and we should admit that there has been a lot of Bureaucratic barriers in this regard.” 

He stressed that the establishment of OSS is a positive and effective move towards strengthening the Afghan exports and encouraging domestic production.

The OSS center which is established with financial support of USAID’s Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project, will facilitate Afghan exports  by air.

At the event, the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, John Bass said that the center is created to make easier for Afghan businessmen to reach markets outside of Afghanistan and get “fair” prices for their products.

“We believe that the steps taken today—the creation of this One-Stop Center— will help again not only generate income and opportunities for Afghan businesses, and generate employment [for Afghans], but it will restore the image of Afghanistan in the world and give people a different vision of this country’s future,” Bass said.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) Khan Jan Alokozai said that Afghan businessmen face lot of issues in the country. He urged the government to implement the commitments made toward facilitating trade process for Afghan businessmen.  

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