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CE Abdullah Calls on Taliban to Stop Violence

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2018)

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has called on the militant Taliban to renounce violence and Afghans are open to welcome them.

“Taliban have their ideas about how to rule a country, their way of life. If they agree at one stage to give up violence and cut their links with terrorist groups and fight for their ideas politically not through violence. We are open to that and we welcome such a development,” CE said during his speech at the Winchester University in UK.

Abdullah considred the role of world and the region essential in providing peace for Afghanistan and urged for joint cooperation regarding it.

“We invite all the countries of the region and beyond the region to join us in a mutual cooperation for security and prosperity. To prosper we must create an agenda for sharing our resources and collaborating to overcome our challenges; an agenda that will accommodate our national interests in the framework of regional cooperation for mutual benefit,” CE added.

CE’s remarks come as recently Afghan President Ashraf Ghani nnounced a temporary ceasefire with the Taliban, coinciding with the end of the Ramadan fasting month, Eid.

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