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CE Abdullah Calls for Implementation of Chabahar Agreement

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2018)

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has urged Iran and India for the implementation of Chabahar port agreement.

Abdullah has labeled the Chabahar port an appropriate route for Afghanistan trade ties with the regional countries and the world.

“The implementation of this agreement will make us hopeful for the future,” Abdullah said.

He also insisted on solving the transit problems of Afghanistan and Pakistan for the national interest of the two countries.

“There are many obstacles in trade and transit sectors of Afghanistan and Pakistan. But now we are not relying on one route,” Abdullah added.

Afghan, Iranian and Indian researchers have conducted a research on the importance of Chabahar port that their findings announced in Kabul today.

According to the findings of the research, the economic capacity of the Chabahar port is in line with the trade needs of the three countries, and Afghanistan can make an effective use of this port.

“The Chabahar port is an important opportunity for Afghanistan that can access to seas in all time and seasons. Chabahar is the shortest and fastest way for Afghanistan,” Manpreet Vohra, Indian ambassador to Kabul said.

Iran also emphasizes that Afghanistan, India and Iran’s trade ties are a good example for the regional countries to better think about the security and trade in the region.

Chabahar, on the mouth of the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, provides India a land-sea access route into Afghanistan and Central Asia through the Bandar Abbas-Caspian Sea axis.

India has previously agreed to implement the biggest part of this project and lay a railroad track from the port of Chabahar to Afghanistan to achieve major strategic and economic gains for both India and Iran.

In essence, the port serves the interests of Iran. It helps to enhance the Iranian oil and non-oil exports and obtain direct access to central Asia.

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