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ACCI launches survey in 5 zones on resolving business barriers

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industry have launched a survey in 5 zones in order to determined the main business barriers and seek the new solutions for it.

The survey has indicated that business has been growing in some part and the other part of the investigation indicates that business has been overshadowed.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Chamber of Commerce and Industry have urged that business barriers will be resolve slowly.

It also explained the business condition in Herat, Nangarhar, and Kandahar has been good but Kabul and Balkh business didn’t do well.

Head of the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and industry Atiqullah Nusrat said,” Our main object was in the survey to determine the main business barriers, and to seek new solutions and to have the responsible to hear the businessmen voice and problems.”

Business Deputy of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Unus Mohmand said,” The major business problem comes from custom departments, Government should find a better solution for traders.”

Minister of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Humayon Rasa said,” According to the conclusion of the survey, our problems should be resolved much, but we need to still have patient that we are experience the real economy.”

Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry believed that insecurity, bureaucracy, corruption, none flexible laws, lack of infrastructure are the main factors of the problems torture Afghan businessmen and Women.

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