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Unity Leaders jointly approved Kabul Statement backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen – ARG

Afghan leaders have jointly drafted Afghanistan’s statement backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen war, Presidential spokesman declared. Presidential Spokesman Ajmal Obaid Abedy who was speaking with Ariana News regarding the recent statements made by Mohammad Mohaqeq, the second deputy of Afghanistan’s CEO said that none of the National Security Council members …

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UN worries over IS existence in Afghanistan

The top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan who was speaking to the UN Security Council on Monday says reports indicate that the Islamic State (IS) has established a foothold in Afghanistan. Nicholas Haysom who was presenting the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon a four month report about the situation of Afghanistan is …

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3 Days Business, Trade relationships Conference on Afghanistan-Asian Countries held in Almaty

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry have said,” in the following conference the Trade and business ways of Afghanistan and Asian countries will be reviewed.” Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Muzamil Shinwari said,” The main objective of the following conference is how to boost the economy and business …

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NUG should stabilize its Ties with Regional Countries: Ghani

President Ashraf Ghani said.” Afghan Government should stabilize its ties with regional countries.” Afghan Political experts have insisted that Afghanistan doesn’t have be play ground for regional and neighboring countries; therefore strengthening ties with India will open up the new chapters of security and stabilities for Afghanistan. Afghan president Ghani …

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IS Burns alive Jordan Pilot, after No Swap Made

Islamic State (IS ) has burnt alive Jordanian pilot and published its video on the internet on Tuesday. Islamic State militants had demanded the release of the Women, Sajida al-Rixhawi in exchange for Japanese hostage who was later beheaded by the IS militants. The video indicates that Jordanian detainee pilot …

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Pentagon increasing classification of Afghan construction information on American watchdogs: SIGAR

The United States Department of Defense has decided to deny providing classified military information to SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction). According to SIGAR report the Pentagon will classify key data about reconstruction efforts and statistics in Afghanistan and will not provide to American watchdogs. Washington Post has published …

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US President lands in India for three-days visit

President Obama landed in New Delhi on Sunday morning for a three-day state visit along with the First Lady Mitchell Obama, Cabinet members, Senators and Lawmakers. He was warmly hugged and welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian officials and dignitaries. It is believed that the two leaders will probably …

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