Special Report – Ariana News https://ariananews.af Bringing Afghan News to the World Fri, 18 Jan 2019 13:24:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.9 How Haqqani Network attacked Kabul Park Palace Hotel on May 2015 https://ariananews.af/how-haqqani-network-attacked-kabul-park-palace-hotel-on-may-2015/ Mon, 28 Nov 2016 07:42:21 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=199041 On May 2015, at least 14 people have been killed in the attack over Kabul Park Palace Hotel which was packed with foreigners awaiting a concert.
As well as Afghan civilians, the dead include one Briton with dual Afghan nationality, four Indians, two Pakistanis, and one citizen from each of the US, Italy and Kazakhstan.
The mastermind of the attack was arrested by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency.
The attack Taliban claimed responsibility for was performed by the Haqqani Network.

How Haqqani Network attacked Kabul Park Palace Hotel on May 2015

Afghan girl seeking justice after being raped by militants https://ariananews.af/afghan-girl-seeking-justice-after-being-raped-by-militants/ Wed, 18 May 2016 05:26:21 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=172007 samanganAfter attacking a family whose son is a member of the Afghan National Army, the armed men have raped a 17 year old girl in northern Samangan province of Afghanistan, the girl seeking justice in Kabul claimed in a video footage to Ariana News.

Noruddin, the brother of the girl who is a soldier in Helmand province of Afghanistan claimed that the armed men had taken hostage his sister and they have raped her while she was in the custody of the powerful militant men in his province.

“They have attacked the house. They have injured my old parents and when my sister was trying to escape, they have injured her mouth with their rifle, they have broken her mouth and have taken my sister with themselves and dishonored to her,” he said.

He names one of the kidnappers as ‘Bakhtyar’ who he says is working with the Samangan Police Recruitment Center during the day while he is in the Taliban side at night.

“We have registered our complaints since three months, no one is caring about us, one of these kidnappers is working with the government, he is also working with the Taliban, no one is arresting them,” he added.

The girl who is seeking justice questioned,” what type of administration is this? what type of government is this? we should not seek justice, because we are poor? where we must go?”.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) of Afghanistan promises to investigate the case and arrest the people involved.

” This is a very irritating case, we will take strict actions to arrest these people as soon as possible,” Najib Danish, a spokesman for the MoI assured.

This comes as most of the people have little access to justice in the provinces of Afghanistan compare to the cities as the armed warlords and powerful men are speaking the first word not the law and justice.

Reported by: Farahnaz Froton & Translated by: Hesamuddin Hesam 

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Kabul police rescue abducted child after nabbing kidnappers https://ariananews.af/kabul-police-rescue-abducted-child-after-nabbing-kidnappers/ Thu, 03 Mar 2016 12:56:39 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=163009 Kidnap   -.wmv_snapshot_01.12_[2016.03.03_17.24.30]The Kabul police succeed in rescuing a child who was abducted in Kabul while he was on his way to home.

The Child, Bahram was kept in a house in Khair Khana area of the capital, Kabul for nearly one month and the abductors had demanded $ 1,500,000 from his parents.

Bahram was under psychological torture for a month, even he is afraid of seeing the faces of kidnappers.

Kabul chief of police emphasized that he has instructed all forces to shoot on abductors.

This comes as that the Kabul police have arrested nearly 20 abductor groups in the recent year.

Kabul is a province that kidnapping is a big trouble for its residents as Kidnapping and hostage taking have increased in the recent year.

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Kabul police rescue abducted child after nabbing kidnappers

Unidentified men murdered a couple in front of their 3-year old child https://ariananews.af/unidentified-men-murdered-a-couple-in-front-of-their-3-year-old-child/ Tue, 19 Jan 2016 15:30:01 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=158330 Unknown men killed a couple that eight years passes from their marriage Monday night, January 18 in Herat province

The 32 years old, Gul Ahmad and 25 years old Setara was murdered in front of their three-year old child by shovels.

Herat Police say that efforts are underway for arresting the perpetrators of this case.


Afghan women still prey of wizards in Afghanistan https://ariananews.af/afghan-women-still-prey-of-wizards-in-afghanistan/ Tue, 19 Jan 2016 15:26:47 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=158329 One year has not passed since the murder of Farkhunda but Afghan women and girls are still fall prey to deception of wizards.

Hajira who married to a Mullah named Sayed Naser eight years ago says that dozens of women and girls come to his husband toget thetalisman.

Hajira’smiserybeganwhen one day she opened the door of her home and saw her husband in adultery with a strange woman in the month of Ramadan.

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Qalaye Diwanagan; A glance to mental health treatment center in Kabul https://ariananews.af/qalaye-diwanagan-a-glance-to-mental-health-treatment-center-in-kabul/ Thu, 31 Dec 2015 06:24:54 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=153417 Ariananews report about the mentally patients who have been ostracized from their families.

Afghan leaders have vowed to use an infusion of international aid to improve medical services and have made mental health a priority. Yet the Kabul hospital is struggling to improve therapy and expand neighborhood clinics in an extremely poor country where mental health treatment remains a luxury.

Bano Bilqes, one of the patients of this center was a teacher before suffering her mental illness.

After hearing about the death of her brother, an intense pressure came on her nerve system that led her to be affected by mental illness.

Experts estimate that 60% of the Afghan populace suffers from mild to severe mental illness.


Qalaye Diwanagan; A glance to mental health treatment center in Kabul

Drug addiction in Afghanistan https://ariananews.af/drug-addiction-in-afghanistan/ Wed, 30 Dec 2015 07:55:06 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=153341 A major campaign has been launched by the government to collect and shift drug addicts from Kabul city and shift them to a former NATO base.

According to the officials over 1,000 drug addicts will be shifted to the camp Phoenix in Kabul city, the addicts will be collected from the city in the initial stage and will later provide them with treatment and training on certain skills and jobs.

Earlier, President Ghani instructed a governmental committee to change the camp which was used by NATO in the past to a rehabilitation center and vocational center for addicts.

In this reported Ariana News Correspondent Farahnaz Froton has visited the camp and interviewed with a number of addicts, to watch the whole report, click here:

Drug addiction in Afghanistan

Report on International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women – Ariana News https://ariananews.af/report-on-international-day-for-elimination-of-violence-against-women-ariana-news/ Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:40:39 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=149469 25th of November is the International Day for elimination of violence against women in the world and ‘Prevention’ is the 2015 theme chosen by the UN.

According to the figures by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) Afghanistan has witnessed an increment in violence against women and AIHRC has recorded about 2,579 cases of violations across the country.

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Ariana News Trailer 2015 https://ariananews.af/ariana-news-trailer-2015-2/ Tue, 24 Nov 2015 08:39:58 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=149329