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CSDCJWG calls for changes in Election Commissions

The Civil Society’s Democracy Committee and Joint Working Group (CSDCJWG) called for a change in the structure, working methods and members of the election commissions. They warned the Election Reforms Commission to present people’s and Civil Society’s requests in a proposed package regardless of their political leanings to the government; …

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Afghan Spy Agency after FB Page Political Satirist

Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor has tasked intelligence agency to identify the owner of a satirical Facebook page named Kabul Taxi. Recently, Kabul Taxi published a critical satire about Hanif Atmar, the Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor. In one scenario, Kabul Taxi writes about a group of 27 advisors for the National …

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Bomb Blast Rocks Northern Jozjan Province

An explosion occurred in Shebrghan city of Jozjan province of Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses say a magnetic bomb went off in a vehicle which killed one person and injured another two. Ariana News correspondent at the site of the incidents says the vehicle is completely destroyed and police have blocked the area …

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War Enforced into Afghanistan by Foreigners: Murad

 The deputy chief of Army staffs,ground General commander Gen Murad Ali Murad stated that war has been enforced into Afghanistan by foreigners and has converted Afghanistan into a warzone. Gen Ground forces Commander Murad Ali Murad criticized the International community for being silent against the massacres and do not count …

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Suicide Bombing Killed 12, Injured 67

An explosion rocket Macroryan area in police district nine in Kabul city. 12 people were killed and 67 others were injured, a spokesman for ministry of public health reported on Saturday night. Eyewitness of explosion reports that the target of the suicide attacker was a vehicle of foreign troops which …

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Saturday Holiday Benefits Afghanistan in World Markets

If Saturday announced as an official weekend holiday, Afghanistan will have 50 additional days to have relations with the world countries. Afghan government cabinet has approved Friday and Saturday as official weekend holidays after it was proposed by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to replace Thursday half-day. Afghan Ministry …

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