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Taliban attack on Pakistani Base kills 16

The Pakistani Taliban launched a brazen assault on a military base on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar early Friday, storming a mosque inside the sprawling compound and killing 16 worshippers during prayers. The attack triggered an hours-long firefight with Pakistani troops at the base, during which an …

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US spent on equipments more than ANSF needed: SIGAR

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) expressed his concerns in a letter to the US four-star general who oversees international military operations in Afghanistan, writing has purchased equipments more than the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) needed. John F Sopko, head of SIGAR said that the US Congress …

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Afghanistan water sources use by neighboring countries

The fears of a security breakdown in Afghanistan boil the larger possibility of an economic collapse. The country’s revenues seem abysmal, and the mismanagement of billions of dollars in aid has turned it entirely dependent on foreign donations and the presence of foreign troops. With Afghanistan being largely an agricultural …

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NUG leaders to Hold Final Session-Decision on NEIC

  President Ghani –CEO Abdullah Abdullah in order to exchange their points of views and take the final decision on distribution of National Electronic Identification Cards will have session in the future. Source has told to Ariana News that the session is tending to be taken place tonight in between …

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Deteriorating Security Situation in Afghanistan Arouses Concern: Putin

Russia is worried about the escalating security situation in Afghanistan and the lack of results from NATO’s extensive presence in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. “We are concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. International Security Assistance Force was in this country for a long time, and made some efforts, including the …

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Inner gunfight killed two at wedding party

Gunfight occurred at a wedding party in Jabul Saraj district in northern Parwan province of Afghanistan between the two illegal armed groups, a local security official told Ariana News on Wednesday. Provincial police chief Mohammad Zaman Mamozai said,” two illegal gunmen were killed during the clashes and another three were …

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