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Suicide attack wounds 36 in Khost

A suicide bomber attacked an anti-corruption demonstration in eastern Afghanistan Khost province on Thursday, wounding at least 36. Khost Police commander, Faizullah Ghairat confirmed the incident, saying the incident took place the blast occurred around 10 a.m. in front of the provincial governor’s compound in the city of Khost, in …

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Electoral Reforms Commission Enters Critical Stage

Afghanistan executive office is said to consider the appointment of head of Electoral Reforms Commission unacceptable. Deputy spokesman of the executive officer has recently told to media outlets that the Appointment of Shukria Barikzai, head of Electoral Reforms Commission is unacceptable for the executive officer and her appointment should be …

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Danish Introduces 16 Ministers Nominees to Lower House

Afghanistan second vice president Sarwar Danish has introduced the 16 Ministers Nominees for the National Unity Government for the lower house of the parliament on Wednesday. Mr. Danish mentioned that by completion of the National Unity Government cabinet problems level will come down. He also demanded the lawmakers in the …

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Ghani opens domestic products exhibition in Kabul

President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday opened the domestic products exhibition in Kabul. Initiated by the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) a three day Afghan domestic products exhibition held under Loya Jirga tent. The exhibition showcasing Afghanistan domestic products such as; carpet industry, knitting, textiles, paintings, digging work, carving, pottery, food …

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CEO of Afghanistan called Farkhunda’s murder unjustifiable

Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer condemns Farkhunda’s murder by mob and asking Afghans to wait as the judiciary institutions finalize their jobs. Abdullah Abdullah who was speaking at the minister’s council session called Farkhunda’s killing “unjustifiable”. “The incident shocked everyone, martyrdom of our sister Farkhunda, the incident is an unjustifiable crime,” …

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