Herat – Ariana News https://ariananews.af Bringing Afghan News to the World Sun, 23 Sep 2018 14:07:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.8 Taliban Kills Five Policemen in Herat District https://ariananews.af/taliban-kills-five-policemen-in-herat-district/ Sun, 09 Sep 2018 05:59:38 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=274989 At least five policemen were killed and three others injured after Taliban militants attacked Oba district in western Herat province, police said Sunday.

Provincial police spokesman Abdul Ahad Walizada said the incident took place last night in Kishk village of Oba district.

He added that two policemen were missing.

This comes a day after Herat provincial council members raised concerns over a possible Taliban attack on Shindand and Oba districts in the province.

However, the provincial police chief Aminullah Amarkhail rejected the claims that the districts may fall to Taliban.

One Killed, Six Injured in Herat Bomb Blast https://ariananews.af/one-killed-six-injured-in-herat-bomb-blast/ Wed, 29 Aug 2018 14:22:34 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=273894 One person was killed and six others were injured in a magnetic bomb blast in western Herat City on Wednesday evening, officials said.

The spokesman of Herat Police, Abdul Ahad Wali Zada stated that a magnetic bomb was attached to a Corolla car and went off in front of the door of an official from 207th Zafar Corps.

Wali Zada added one person named Khan Muhammad son of Haji Shir Muhammad the resident of Kahsan district who was the driver of the car killed and six other injured in the incident.

Police investigations indicate the reason behind the incident was personal disputes.

5 Killed, 7 Injured in Herat Traffic Accident https://ariananews.af/5-killed-7-injured-in-herat-traffic-accident/ Sun, 10 Jun 2018 09:19:32 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=264915 At least five people were killed and seven others wounded in a traffic accident in western Herat province of Afghanistan, an official said.

The incident has taken place in Herat – Islamqala highway in Loia Kohna area of the province today morning.

Eyewitnesses say the accident occurred after two passenger buses collided due to high speed and reckless driving.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammadi the in charge of Herat ambulance confirmed that five dead bodies and seven wounded passengers were transferred to Herat central hospital as a result of the incident.

Accidents are common in Afghanistan’s highways where roads are often in a poor state.

Most of the traffic accidents are basically because of the carelessness, high speed driving, insufficiency of traffic signs, and bad condition of the roads.

Seven Members of One Family Killed in Herat Mass Shooting https://ariananews.af/seven-members-of-one-family-killed-in-herat-mass-shooting/ Sun, 29 Apr 2018 10:28:51 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=260690

Armed men have reportedly killed seven members of one family in a mass shooting that happened today in the western Herat province.

“Gunmen while having grenades in hand attacked a residential house in Tunushbigh village of Kushki Rubat-i-Sangi district and killed seven members of the family,” spokesperson of Herat governor Jilani Farhad told Ariana News.

He did not provide details regarding identity of the victims but stated that a man, two of his sons, three daughters, and his spouse were among the dead family members.

The perpetrators of the mass shooting have reportedly managed to escape the area.

Local authorities in the district said that personal disputes were the main motive behind the deadly incident and the police had already started investigations regarding the incident.

Taliban Militants Abduct Four Passengers in Herat Province https://ariananews.af/taliban-militants-abduct-four-passengers-in-herat-province/ Mon, 23 Apr 2018 09:09:13 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=260019

The Taliban militants abducted four passengers of a commuter bus which had reportedly left Ghor province for Herat city, according to the local authorities.

Spokesperson of Herat governor, Jilani Farhad said that the incident took place in Dareh Takht area of Chesht-e-Sharif district.

He further added that the local elders and Afghan security forces had already started their efforts to release the abductees.

The incident comes after the Taliban militants attacked a bus vehicle on the same high way and shot dead four passengers of the commuter bus.

On the other hand, the local official reported that five Taliban militants were killed and one other wounded in the battle with Afghan security forces in Herat province.

According to him, the battle erupted after Taliban rebels attacked a village in Kushk-e-Rubatsangi district. He also confirmed that one Afghan Local Police force was killed and one other wounded in the battles.

15 Taliban Rebels Killed in Herat Province, Local Official https://ariananews.af/15-taliban-rebels-killed-in-herat-province-local-official/ Tue, 10 Apr 2018 05:02:25 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=258542

15 Taliban rebels were killed and eight others wounded as the result of a battle sparked between the militants and Afghan security forces in the western Herat province, said a local official.

Jilani Farhad, spokesperson of Herat governor told Ariana News that the incident took place in Sar Besha village of Chesht-e-Sharif district.

He also said that two Afghan forces were dead and four others wounded in the battles with the Taliban insurgents.

As the local official stated, the militants wanted to spread insecurity and start their insurgency around Salma dam but they confronted a serious response from Afghan security forces.

Chesht-e-Shari is a restive district of Herat province where the militants have occasionally launched heavy attacks against Afghan security forces.


At least 12 Killed, Wounded in Herat Mosque Explosion https://ariananews.af/at-least-12-killed-wounded-in-herat-mosque-explosion/ Sun, 25 Mar 2018 09:59:09 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=256259

At least three people were killed and nine others wounded as the result of an explosion that happened inside a mosque in Herat city, said local authorities.

“Three people have been dead and nine others wounded in the incident so far”, said Doctor Tamanna Head of the provincial Public Health Department to Ariana News.

Abdul Ahad Walizada, spokesman of Herat Police Chief told that the incident took place around 1:00 PM inside Rasul-e-Akram mosque in the 7th Police District during mid-day prayer.

He added that the wounded people have been transferred to hospital.

However, eyewitnesses say that two suicide bombers wanted to enter into the mosque who were indentified and engaged with the mosques security men.

They said that one of the attackers detonated his explosives while the other was shot dead by the mosques security men.

The attack was claimed by the terror group Islamic State or Daesh in Afghanistan.

Taliban Welcomes Afghan Jihadi Leader’s Offer for Direct Talks https://ariananews.af/taliban-welcomes-afghan-jihadi-leaders-offer-for-direct-talks/ Tue, 20 Mar 2018 08:09:27 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=255892

The Taliban issuing a statement in response to offer of Ismail Khan, an Afghan Jihadi leader and a former governor of Herat province, has welcomed the offer and invited “Jihadi Leaders” for talks to its political office in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

According to the statement, Ismail Khan had demanded the militant group that if the Taliban are not willing to respond the government’s peace offer, then they should start talks with Jihadi leaders for ending violence and the war in Afghanistan.

The statement said that the Taliban appreciates any true and real efforts for ending the ongoing conflicts in the country.

“Islamic Emirate invites all individuals, Jihadi leaders or anyone else, who are trying to end the current invasion and does not support foreign invasion, to its political office for finding a political settlement”, the statement reads.

It further noted that they should share their opinions about how to end the “foreign invasion of Afghanistan”, establishing an Islamic political system, and reaching a peace settlement through the Doha Office.

The National Unity Government of Afghanistan (NUG) has yet to comment regarding the statement and offer of Ismail Khan for starting direct peace talks with the Taliban.

Man Beheads Wife, Stabs Sister to Death in Herat https://ariananews.af/man-beheads-wife-stabs-sister-to-death-in-herat/ Wed, 07 Mar 2018 08:56:08 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=254210

A man has beheaded his wife and stabbed his sister to death with a knife in the western Herat province, said local authorities.

Officials of Herat provincial hospital also confirmed the incident and added that both brutally murdered women were pregnant when they received their bodies.

The official further informed that both pregnant women had also lost their children as the result of sever beats and attacks with the knife.

“The incident took place due to domestic violence and family disputes”, said Abdulahad Walizada, spokesman of Herat Police Chief.

He added that the man was arrested and is currently under the custody of Herat police.

Some members of Herat Provincial Council also described the incident as shocking and expressed concerns over increased violence against women across the province.

The incident of violence against women comes as there are different commemoration ceremonies are ongoing in different part of the country for marking March 08, International Women’s Day.

The event is also supposed to be marked officially in Herat province tomorrow, March 08, in Herat.

21 Killed, Wounded in Herat Traffic Accident https://ariananews.af/21-killed-wounded-in-herat-traffic-accident/ Wed, 21 Feb 2018 06:08:51 +0000 https://ariananews.af/?p=252545

Eight passengers of a bus vehicle including women and children were killed and 13 others wounded after a their riding bus collided with a truck vehicle.

“A Flancoch type bus collided with a truck vehicle in Sahra Sorkhak area of Adraskan district around 6:00 AM earlier this morning”, said Abdul Hamid Walizadah, spokesman of Herat Police Chief.

According to Mr. Walizada, the bus had departed Herat city for Farsi district of the province and collided with the truck vehicle which was parked beside the street due to technical troubles.

The local official further noted that four women, two children and two men were among the dead passengers.

Traffic accidents occasionally happens in different parts of the country and so far have claimed many lives in addition to inflicting heavy financial harms.

Recklessness driving and damaged roads are reported as the most prevalent causes of  such incidents.

Two Young Men Shot Dead By Armed Men in Herat City https://ariananews.af/two-young-men-shot-dead-by-armed-men-in-herat-city/ Sun, 07 Jan 2018 11:14:20 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=247420

Unknown armed men while riding motorcycles have shot dead two young men today in the western Herat City, the local officials confirmed the incident.

The incident took place few moments earlier today, January 07, in Shaidaie neighborhood of the city.

“The bodies of the young men were taken to the forensic medicine department of the hospital,” said Rafiq Sherzai, spokesman of Herat provincial hospital.

Herat police also confirming the news said that it has started investigations regarding the murder case.

Criminal acts such as; kidnappings, murder and target killings have significantly increased in the province and the residents have repeatedly expressed concerns over the issue.

New Market-Oriented Degree Programs Launched in Herat University https://ariananews.af/new-market-oriented-degree-programs-launched-in-herat-university/ Sat, 02 Dec 2017 10:08:54 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=243150

Three new market-oriented degree programs have been launched in Herat University thanks to the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

According to the statement released by USAID, the programs are including a Master’s program in Business Administration, an Associate Program in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology.

The degree programs were launched with the support of USAID’s University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP).

“USWDP partners, the University of Massachusetts and Purdue University collaborated with Herat University to develop these degrees to internationally acceptable standards,” the statement added.

As further noted in the statement, the MBA program is designed to target essential managerial, strategic, and analytical needs in the Afghan public and private sector while the Food Technology program prepares students for employment in Afghanistan food industry.

The Associate Degree in Business Administration is a two-and-one-half year program designed to equip students with specialized technical and administrative skills to meet the needs of Afghan job market.

“The launch of the new degree programs is an important step toward economic development and self-reliance in the country, and I thank USWDP, USAID, and the partnering universities for their support in establishing these degree programs,” said Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Governor of Herat.

“By offering more degree choices, especially in business administration and food technology, Afghanistan students are given a great opportunity to contribute greatly to the nation’s continued success,” said USAID Mission Director Herbie Smith.

Over the past four years, USWDP has partnered with the Ministry of Higher Education, Herat University, and ten additional public universities in Afghanistan to design 32 new and support existing workforce-relevant degree programs.

Taliban Military Chief Killed in Herat Province https://ariananews.af/taliban-military-chief-killed-in-herat-province/ Mon, 27 Nov 2017 06:54:25 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=242576

Qari Najib, the Taliban military chief was killed along with another militant in an Afghan forces ambush in the western Herat province, said the local officials.

According to Herat police authorities, many weapons and munitions have also been seized from the Taliban commander who was also involved in making and placing bombs for the militant group.

“The incident took place on Saturday’s mid-night in which another Taliban militant was also shot dead along with the insurgents’ commander,” said Sayed Ahmad Mohammadi, the acting spokesperson of Herat Police Chief.

The western Herat province has recently witnessed a surge of attacks by the Taliban in which dozens mostly civilians have lost their lives.

Five Brothers Shot Dead by Taliban in Herat: Officials https://ariananews.af/five-brothers-shot-dead-by-taliban-in-herat-officials/ Sat, 14 Oct 2017 06:19:37 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=237572 The Taliban militants have shot dead five brothers in Herat province after a public trial, officials said.

Provincial governor spokesman, Jailani Farhad, confirmed the incident, saying the incident has occurred on Friday in Chah Gardana area of Ghoryan district of Herat province.

But the officials did not disclose the exact reason behind the killing.

The Taliban group has not made a comment about the incident so far.

The report comes as on Thursday the group hanged a man accused of kidnapping in Nad Ali district in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province.

Man Throws Shoe at Hekmatyar in Herat https://ariananews.af/man-throws-shoe-at-hekmatyar-in-herat/ Fri, 22 Sep 2017 11:41:14 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=234986

A man threw shoe at Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hizb-i-Islami, while he was delivering Friday sermon at the great mosque of Herat, witnesses said.

After the incident a disorder occurred at the mosque, because the man who threw the show was yelling “Allah Akbar” and the worshipers escaped the scene assuming there was a suicide bombing, according to witnesses.

Reports suggest that later on the man was beaten and arrested by police forces.

Immediately, there was no report about the identity of the man.

Local officials have not made a comment about the incident yet. 

10 Police Killed as Taliban Attacks Salma Dam Security Post https://ariananews.af/10-police-killed-as-taliban-attacks-salma-dam-security-post/ Sun, 25 Jun 2017 12:56:25 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=224972 An Afghan official says 10 policemen were killed as Taliban militants attacked a security checkpoint at the Salma Dam in western Herat province of Afghanistan.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Ghulam Jailani Farhad said,” the attack took place last night around 11:00 pm over a public protection check post in Chesht district and lasted for an hour. As a result ten Afghan security forces lost their lives.”

He added that four militants were also killed by the security forces during the clashes.

The Salma Dam, located 165km east of Herat, has been a target of Taliban attacks in the past and is heavily guarded by security posts.

The Dam also known as “India-Afghan Friendship Dam” was inaugurated by President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister in June last year It was funded and built by India at a cost of about $275m to produce 42 megawatts of electricity for Herat.

Gang of Kidnappers Arrested in Herat https://ariananews.af/gang-of-kidnappers-arrested-in-herat/ Tue, 23 May 2017 07:16:42 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=221517

Afghan intelligence operatives have arrested a group of armed kidnappers in western Herat province of Afghanistan.

A statement released by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) on Tuesday said,” the intelligence directorate special forces have arrested a group of six-armed kidnappers from Injil district of Herat province”.

The individuals were identified as Rustam, Abdul Hakim, Arbab, Muhammad Rafiq, Akram and Zainuddin.

In a video footage released, the arrested individuals confess their involvement in multiple kidnapping and thievery cases in the province.

NDS statement further said that 3 weapons, 3 different vehicles and 4 motorbikes which were used in their kidnapping and thievery activities, were also seized from the gang during the operation.

Kidnapping is a major concern particularly for businessmen across the country as the security situation deteriorates. Afghan officials have vowed to seriously deal with abduction cases.

Infighting Kills 25 Taliban in Herat https://ariananews.af/infighting-kills-25-taliban-in-herat/ Tue, 25 Apr 2017 09:41:04 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=218081 GTY_taliban_fighters_sk_150129_16x9_992

At least 57 Taliban militants have been killed or wounded in an infighting in western Shindand district of Herat province, officials said on Tuesday.

The clashes were erupted during the last 24 hours in Khofian, Blandak, Shir Abad and Deh Aman areas of the district which left 25 militants dead and 32 others injured from both sides.

Officials confirmed the infighting, adding that the Taliban fighters have also attacked on Afghan security forces which faced Afghan security forces offensive.

Provincial governor spokesperson, Jailani Farhad said that 18 militants killed and 23 others wounded in infighting were belong to Mullah Samad while 8 others killed and 9 others wounded were belong to Nangialay.

In the past, there were a number of violent clashes between the two rival Taliban groups loyal to Mullah Rasool and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor who was targeted by a U.S. strike in border with Pakistan, which resulted in the dead of dozens of fighters from both sides.

Afghan Forces Kill 45 Militants in Farah https://ariananews.af/afghan-forces-kill-45-militants-in-farah/ Wed, 29 Mar 2017 06:58:04 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=215039 afgh_army

Clashes between armed militants and Afghan security forces in Bala Buluk district of Farah province left heavy causalities to the Taliban, killing 45 militants and injuring at least 50 others.

Abdul Jalal Jalal, army commander in Farah province on Wednesday said that Afghan forces have launched a wide-spread military operation to target the anti-government elements in Bala Buluk district of Farah province.

As a result of the operation, at least 45 Taliban militants were killed and 50 others wounded in Shewan and Gang Abad areas of the district, the source added.

The official also confirmed that two soldiers have lost their lives and seven others have been injured in the operation.

Eight Killed, 10 Wounded in Herat Traffic Accident https://ariananews.af/eight-killed-10-wounded-in-herat-traffic-accident/ Tue, 31 Jan 2017 10:46:52 +0000 http://ariananews.af/?p=207796 traffic accident
Photo: Archive

Eight people were killed and 10 others wounded after a minibus collided with a fuel tanker on Tuesday in western Herat province of Afghanistan, a local official said.

“The incident occurred in Aziz Abad area of Shindand district early this morning, leaving eight people death and at least 10 others wounded” Farhad Jailani provincial governor spokesman told Ariana News.

According to official the injured people were shifted to Herat Regional Hospital, where a wounded woman remained in critical condition.

At the same time Herat Regional Hospital spokesman Rafi Shirzad said that two of the wounded people are in critical condition.

Accidents are common in Afghanistan’s highways where roads are often in a poor state.

It was not clear what exactly caused the incident. However, high speed, reckless driving, lack of traffic signals and bad condition of the roads are mainly blamed for traffic incidents in Afghanistan that usually leaves high causalities.