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New Opposition Party launched in Afghanistan

A new opposition party under the name of “National Front of Afghanistan People” (Jebhe Mili Mardom-e Afghanistan) emerged today to form a new grouping intended to put pressure on the National Unity Government (NUG). The newly-launched party, led by Nurollhaq Olumi, former interior minister started its activity with criticizing the …

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Ghani Labeled Pakistan ‘Center of Taliban’

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has called Pakistan the “center of the Taliban” and urged Islamabad to take serious measures and practical actions against the terrorist groups. Ghani in an address to the nation on Friday said his country has provided Pakistani authorities with a complete list of insurgents. “We are …

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Taliban Do Not Want Peace in Afghanistan: U.S.

Taliban terrorist attacks on civilians in Afghanistan indicate that Taliban militants do not want peace, but rather war, said U.S. deputy secretary, John Sullivan. “Unfortunately, at this stage, everyone but the Taliban appears ready for peace. The Taliban’s reprehensible attacks targeting innocent civilians demonstrate that they are not ready to …

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Protest Erupts In Kabul Against Pakistan, Taliban

Following the series of terrorist attacks across Afghanistan, dozens of Kabul residents on Thursday protested against Pakistan and the Taliban. The protestors who staged a peaceful rally in Kabul, blamed Pakistan of being involved in recent deadly attacks in Afghan capital which left hundreds of people dead and wounded. “Pakistan …

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Ghani, Modi Stressed in Fight Against Terrorism

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a telephone call to President Ashraf Ghani expressed deep condolences and strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. “Prime Minsiter Modi called me to offer condolences on the recent senseless killings of civilians by the enemies of humanity,” President tweeted. Modi also discussed …

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Abdul Badi Sayyad Elected as IEC Chairman

Afghan electoral commissioners have elected former spokesman and secretary of Independent Election Commission (IEC), Abdul Badi Sayyad as its new Chairman, said an IEC member. “Mr. Sayyad could secure 50+1 votes of electoral commissioners in today’s IEC election”, said Maliha Hassan, a member of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission. Gulajan Abdul …

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