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Afghan President Ghani Visits Saudi Arabia

Afghan President Mohammad Asharf Ghani visited Saudi Arabia Governmental officials to pursue the talks peace process . Based on the press release from the Presidential palace his trip will last for two days and Afghan President intends to visit King of Saudi Arabia Malik Salman Bin AbdulAziz and some other …

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Documents show widespread corruption in MoAL

Ariananews finds documents that indicate widespread corruption exists in Human Resources Directorate of the ministry of agriculture and livestock (MoAL). According to the documents those who appointed to the positions that should have License degree are individuals who have been graduated from school and some also appointed to the posts …

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WJ: Putting Cabinet further off demonstrates the NUG failure

Lawmakers are demanding urgent announcement of remained cabinet members, calling delays a big failure of the NUG. Wolesi Jirga – The House of Representatives Deputy Secretary Irfanullah Irfan said in an interview with Ariana News,” Yet, the NUG has failed to introduce the cabinet members, unfortunately they could not build …

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3 Days Business, Trade relationships Conference on Afghanistan-Asian Countries held in Almaty

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry have said,” in the following conference the Trade and business ways of Afghanistan and Asian countries will be reviewed.” Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Muzamil Shinwari said,” The main objective of the following conference is how to boost the economy and business …

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Canada warns ISIS influence in Afghanistan

Canada’s Spy Agency warned on Tuesday that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group is spreading to Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan. Michel Coulombe, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said, “ISIS started in Iraq and Syria, but what we’re seeing now, and you’ve seen it in media, …

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