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MoI to invest more on Intelligence & Security: Sediqee

Afghanistan Interior Minister Noorulhaq Ulomi has adopted new necessary plans for better security and drawing Nation attentions for more cooperation with Afghan security forces. MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqee has urged that doing more investments on Intelligence and discovery sections for gaining more information is the other necessary plan that Officials …

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4 kidnappers killed, hanged in Nimroz

Nimroz inhabitants on late Wednesday clashed with a group of kidnappers who wanted to take a hostage from civilians, head of Delaram district said. Najibullah Hayat, head of Delaram district of Nimroz province said, “Civilians killed four kidnappers and hanged their bodies on an advertisement board in a public place. …

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NDS seized suicide vests, explosive materials in Kabul

Officials in National Directorate Security (NDS) have seized two suicide vests, eight bombs, five explosive capsules and other explosive which were professionally placed in used clothes by Taliban terrorist group. According to NDS, the materials for the use of suicide activities were delivered in a Saracha vehicle from Logar province …

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China hosts talks between Afghanistan-Taliban

China has offered to host peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban. China has taken the unusual step of a hosting a delegation of Taliban officials, creating a potential new avenue for peace negotiations between the insurgents and the Afghan government. While reports about China’s hosting peace talks between Afghanistan-Taliban …

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International Cancer Day Remembered in Kabul

International and National Health providers, Governmental officials have remembered International cancer day under the title of (curing and treatment of cancers isn’t impossible) in Kabul in gathering held on Wednesday in Kabul. Afghanistan First lady Miss Rollah Ghani who has attended the gathering declared the health condition of those ill …

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IS Burns alive Jordan Pilot, after No Swap Made

Islamic State (IS ) has burnt alive Jordanian pilot and published its video on the internet on Tuesday. Islamic State militants had demanded the release of the Women, Sajida al-Rixhawi in exchange for Japanese hostage who was later beheaded by the IS militants. The video indicates that Jordanian detainee pilot …

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