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IECC Accepts Some Candidates Violate Election Law

The Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) accepts that a number of parliamentary election candidates violate election law during their electoral campaigns. “We are witnessing that a number of candidates who want to join the house of nation violate the law. They are using public and private areas for their electoral …

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British Council Launches Music Project in Kabul

The British Council launched a creative video and music project under the name of ‘Mix the City-Afghanistan’ in Kabul on Wednesday. According to UK embassy in Kabul, the project is an interactive musical experience connecting music and cities with end-users accessing online digital music. “It shows the strength of culture …

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Construction Work of Iron Melting Factory Kicks off in Kabul, Worth $20 Million

Government officials and businessmen laid the foundation stone for the construction of an Iron melting factory in Kabul on Tuesday which worth $20 million. Khan Mohammad Wardak, the owner of the manufacturing factory said that the factory will begin operation next year.  “We have great capacity and can make major economic activities in the future,” …

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Atta Noor Claims Can Seize ARG in Three Days

Atta Mohammad Noor, Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party has claimed that if “foreigners” allow him he can seize the Presidential Palace (ARG) in three days. Noor has been among the powerful political figures in north and has been among the critics of the national unity government. He remained as governor …

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Suicide Attack Organizers Arrested in Kabul

National Directorate of Security (NDS), operatives have arrested two insurgents who were trained in Pakistan to organize terrorist attacks in Kabul, the intelligence agency said in a statement. The two detainees were identified as Feuz Kochi son of Dawlat Khan and Rafiullah son of ZerGul who were arrested from the …

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