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Ghani Seeks Second Term as President

President Ashraf Ghani has revealed that he is seeking re-election in the upcoming presidential election set for April 2019. Speaking during an interview with Bloomberg, Ghani said that he seeks re-election in a bid to finish the works which were launched during his ongoing tenure, including the peace efforts aimed …

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Ghani Orders Probe to National Assembly Contracts

President Ashraf Ghani has ordered that all contracts related to the National Assembly must be audited, presidential spokesman Durrani Waziri said Thursday. “Based on the complaints, it was decided during the national procurement meeting that all contracts related to the National Assembly must be assessed and violators should be referred …

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UN Urges Electoral Authorities to Safeguard Integrity, Transparency of Elections

The Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has urged the electoral authorities to safeguard the integrity and transparency of the parliamentary elections, especially concerning vote counting, as well as the tabulation and announcement of results. In a statement on Sunday, UNAMA said that it encourages the electoral authorities to act expeditiously …

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