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Human Trafficking increases in Afghanistan: IOM

Responsible for International Organization for migrants (IOM) have expressed their concerns over increasing of the human beings trafficking in Afghanistan. The IOM envoy for Afghanistan has said,” illegal migrants and Human beings trafficking is increasing and this has drawn the attentions.” Meanwhile Officials in Ministry of interior Affairs have urged …

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New Pentagon Chief Ashton Carter visits Afghanistan

New US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made his first unannounced visit to Afghanistan early this morning. Carter plans to see American troops in Afghanistan, meet with both Afghan leaders President Ghani and CE Officer Abdullah Abullah and assess whether U.S. withdrawal plans are too risky to Afghan security. According to …

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US denies Talks with Taliban in Qatar

Following report from many different sources, the White House denied reports that U.S. officials planned to meet with the Taliban. US state department spokesman, Jen Psaki said that The United States currently has no meetings with the Taliban scheduled in Doha. “We believe that the regional countries have important role …

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Husband arrested after killing wife in Takhar

As a result of family violence a 22 year old woman named Acha Gul was killed by her husband in Chaldraq village of Kalafgan district of Takhar province. Officials confirmed the incident saying Muhammad Ibrahim husband of Acha Gul arrested on Wednesday. Razm Ara Howash, head of women affairs department …

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Peace in Afghanistan means peace in Turkey: Turkish PM

Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmed Dawood Oglu said that the existence of peace and stability in Afghanistan causes peace and stability in Turkey and Pakistan. Turkish prime minister in his trip to Paksitan once again emphasized on creating stability in Afghanistan. Ahmed Dawood Oglu, Turkish Prime Minister noted that creating a …

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