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NUG limits Journalists access to Information

After the formation of the unity government, Afghan journalists complain about limitations on access to information. A number of journalists believe that they cannot access to the governmental spokesmen on the ongoing important issues in the country. Attiqullah Bana an Afghan Journalist said,” After the inauguration of the National Unity …

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Afghan Government Welcomes India on APTTA Agreement

  Officials in of foreign Ministry of Afghanistan have welcomed India on Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan Trade Agreement (APTTA). They have declared that joining of India into following agreement will benefit Afghanistan, saying that India Government has also announced that they are to join the agreement APTTA. Afghanistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Shekib Mustaghani …

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Gunmen shoot death two people in PD11th of Kabul City

  Two people were shot death by unknown gunmen in police district 11 of Kabul City on Tuesday morning. Police officials confirms the incident, but denies to provide further details about the incident happened at Khair Khana area of Kabul in front of the public on early Tuesday morning. According …

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Six suicide bombing facilitators detained at Khost

Officials in National Security department said,” six suicide bombing facilitators from Haqqani Network were arrested during an operation launched by our forces in Khost Province.” They have also said that the detainees have confessed on their crime, and investigation still continues. their detention comes after that Khost has been the …

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