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Afghanistan- India have mutual enemies: Vohra

Simultaneously with concerns of regional countries, particularly Pakistan over Kabul-Delhi ties, the Indian ambassador to Afghanistan,  Manpreet Vohra in an exclusive interview with Ariananews said that Afghanistan and India have joint enemies and they do not want a flourishing relation between the two countries. The Indian diplomat declared that Afghanistan …

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Ghani to meet MPs on security issue

President Ashraf Ghani is expected to meet a number of  Parliament members to discuss about terrorism and the peace process in Afghanistan. Intense of Taliban deadly attacks and government’s failure to bring Taliban to the negotiation table have made the National Assembly to launch a new bargaining with the National …

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Ecuador quake toll at 272, ‘certain to rise’

The biggest earthquake in Ecuador in decades has killed 272 people — but that toll will ‘certainly’ rise even further, the president said as overwhelmed rescuers struggled to pull survivors out of the destruction. The 7.8-magnitude quake struck the small, oil-producing South American nation late Saturday, shattering hotels and homes …

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Boy raped before being hanged in Kabul

Unidentified men raped and strangled to death and hanged a 14 year-old boy in a snooker gym in 3th police district of Kabul city. Kabul police, Feraiddun Obaidi says the boy was found dead on Saturday in 3th police district of the capital Kabul. Police identified the victim as Elyas. …

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