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Hekmatyar should apologize from his past: Khalilzad

US former Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad has stated that the Hezb-i- Islami Afghanistan should apology from his past for the Afghan Government and his reconciliation is success to Afghan Government. Mr. Khalilzad has also warned Pakistan Government for its wrong policy towards Afghanistan saying if the following Government doesn’t …

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World Telecommunication day held in Kabul

Officials in Ministry of telecommunication information and Technology have held the world telecommunication day in Kabul where dozens of Afghanistan officials have attended the ceremony. Second Deputy of the CE Mohammad Muhaqiq said,” there are still people living in remote areas don’t have access to technology and telecommunication, demanding the …

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NAI condemns violence against correspondents

Officials in Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan have condemned the violence carried out against the correspondents, reporters, cameramen of different media outlets during the demonstration held in Kabul on Monday where demonstrators demanding the 500 mega watt power pylons come from Bamyan and Wardak provinces. Nai officials have stated …

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