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NDS arrests suicide bomber in Takhar

The National Directorate of Security – Afghanistan’s Intelligence Agency has arrested a suicide bomber in Takhar province of Afghanistan. According to a statement released by the Afghan Spy Agency on Thursday, a would-be suicide bomber was arrested in connection to the attack by the intelligence operatives. Another individual, who was …

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Mps criticized redirection of TUTAP project

Scores of Afghan law makers in the lower house of the parliament have criticized the Government of Afghanistan for redirecting the TUTAP project, insisting Government should be benefited significantly from the following big projects. However some members of the parliament are optimistic on the implementation of the following project through …

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Pakistan opposes military option against Afghan Taliban

Pakistan is rejecting Afghan demands for military action against Taliban commanders within Pakistan and emphasizes the need to continue talks for a settlement to the conflict in Afghanistan. In Islamabad Tuesday, Pakistani foreign policy adviser Sartaj Aziz dismissed demands by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that Pakistan evict Taliban insurgents through …

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ACCI calls for support of investors

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has urged the National Unity Government (NUG) for the support of small-mid and large investments in the country. ACCI says that it is the government’s responsibility to make further efforts for the growth of investments; adding the support of investors will have positive …

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US changes foreign policy toward Pakistan

The US congress has criticized Pakistan’s dishonesty in fight against the insurgent groups and Afghanistan Peace process and caused US policy changes against the country. US congressmen have said that Islamabad has always supported the insurgent groups that attacked the Afghan and US troops. Topics concerning reduction in US defence …

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CEO assures Abasin’s murderers to be punished

The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah has assured the punishment of Abasin Zazay’s killers in the near future. CEO, Abdullah Abdullah at the weekly meeting of ministers council has considered the brutal murder of Abasin Zazay, the 14-year old boy an unforgivable crime. “Afghan security forces have arrested the …

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