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District police chief killed as IS militants stormed over police HQ in Nangahar

A district police chief and four policemen were killed after Daesh militants launched coordinated attacks over the police HQ of Haska Mina district in eastern Afghanistan. Nangarhar provincial authorities confirmed the attack saying Daesh militants launched their group attack over the police headquarter of Haska Mina on Saturday morning. “The …

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World shouldn’t ignore Pakistan role combating terrorism: China

Officials in Foreign Ministry of China have urged that International community shouldn’t ignore Pakistan efforts for combating terrorism and helping Afghanistan to reach peace and stability. They have also insisted that both Afghanistan- Pakistan Governments should practice the quadrilateral commitments made. The following statement comes after the Pakistan International adviser …

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Corruption overshadows nation trust: MEC

Officials in Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee have stated that corruption in Ministry of Public health rocks, this will overshadow the trusts of the Nation over the Ministry performances. Minister of Public health Ferozuddin Feroz said,” We have introduced 64 corruption cases to supreme court of Afghanistan.” In …

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Power will be cut off : Breshna warns

Officials in Breshna power company have warned for those Governmental institutions which are indebted not paying the electricity bills, electricity will be cut off, saying the following institution owe about $2 billion dollar. Economical experts have believed that if the loans don’t get paid in time, the following company will …

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