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MoD insist on women role in Afghan army queue

Officials in Ministry of Defense have insisted on significant role of Women into the Afghan National Army queue, warned those who are bothering female safety, they will be prosecuted, the following warning has been given after officials in Independent Human Rights Commission had criticized the female forces safety within the …

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Afghanistan observes day of national mourning

Afghanistan is observing a day of national mourning following a suicide attack over a protest in Kabul on Saturday, that killed at least 80 people and injured 231 others. The Islamic State has claimed the responsibility of the attack on the peaceful demonstration. President Ashraf Ghani vowed to take revenge …

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UN strongly condemned Kabul terrorist attack

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the head of the UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA), Tadamichi Yamamoto, have strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Kabul that struck a peaceful demonstration, a statement released on Saturday said. On Saturday afternoon, at least 80 people were killed and more than 231 others …

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MoD rejects Qala-i Zal district of Kunduz collapsed

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) has strongly denied the Qala-i Zal district of northern Kunduz province fall into the opposition groups. “We accept that the security of Kunduz has been deteriorated recently but the Qala-i Zal district of the province has not collapsed into Taliban’s hands,” said Muhammad Radmanish, deputy …

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Electoral reforms to have practical improvements next week

Afghanistan Presidential Palace considers the failure of National Assembly’s joint committee on President’s decree shameful; citing this failure does not mean the stop of electoral process and the electoral reform process will have practical improvements next week. The National Assembly went for summer breaks and president’s decree on electoral reforms …

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