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Attack on AUAF left 13 dead, 37 wounded

At least 13 people including 7 students were killed, and 37 others were wounded after a group of terrorists launched a coordinated attack on American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) on Wednesday. A group of suicide attackers have stormed into the American University of Afghanistan located at the Darlaman Road west …

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Local Security Officials will be Trialed for Leaving Stations to Taliban: Kamawal

Northeast Police officials in Afghanistan have declared the reason for Taliban’s proximity to Kunduz province is because some of the local security officials in Kunduz have fled from their stations without firing a bullet. Simultaneously,the Taliban increased their activities, and Afghan security forces have reacted by engaging the Taliban from …

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Center for Justice, Judicial and Anti-Corruption Launches Operations

The Office of Afghanistan’s Attorney General has announced that The Center for Justice, Judicial and Anti-Corruption has commenced operations. The Office of Afghanistan’s Attorney General’s Office stated that all cases brought before the Center will be investigated thoroughly and impartially. In addition, The Attorney General’s Office stated that the results …

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US Deploys 100 Extra Troops to Helmand

U.S. has deployed around 100 American troops to southern Helmand province of Afghanistan as Taliban intensified attacks across the country. Brigadier General Charles Cleveland, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communication who was speaking with the reporters in Kabul on Monday saidthat recent deployment of U.S. forces in the city is …

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Lashkargh, Kunduz cities won’t fall: Charlie

The International Forces commanding center in Afghanistan has stated that Lashkargah and Kunduz cities won’t fall in the enemy’s hands. Deputy Communication Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan Charlie Cleveland said,” Our general advice to Afghan security forces is to hold offensive position against Taliban, we also know that the Taliban …

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Ghani, Modi Inaugurate Renovated Storay Palace In Kabul

President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday jointly inaugurated the renovated Storay Palace in Kabul through video conferencing. During his speech, Ghani said the logic of peace and benevolence will defeat the logic of terror and violence as he said India and Afghanistan have always been …

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