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Seven Afghan Airlines Bankrupted Since 2001

Seven Afghan private airlines have been bankrupted due to insecurities, economical problems and lack of government support to domestic airlines, an official from the Aviation Companies Union said Sunday. According to the official, Safi, Pamir, Ufuq Sharq, Afghan Jet, Faza Air, Kabul Air and Khurasan are among the bankrupted Afghan …

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Uzbekistan to Host Conference on Afghan Peace Talks Tomorrow

Uzbekistan will open a high-level international conference on Afghanistan “Peace Process, Cooperation in the Sphere of Security and Regional Interaction” in Tashkent tomorrow. The High Peace Council (HPC) says President Ashraf Ghani will attend the conference and call for the International Community’s support from an Afghan-led peace process. “Afghan officials, …

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Bomb Blast in Kabul Leaves Six Injured

At least six people were injured in a bomb blast in capital Kabul on Saturday, officials said. The explosion occurred near a sit-in tent in Chaman-e-Hozoori area, Kabul’s Police District 8, where a group of people were gathered in support of Pashtuns in Pakistan, Abdulhai Delawar, a security official told …

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