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Security Deps Launch Joint Operation in Nangarhar to Remove Daesh

Officials in Ministry of Defense have launched clearance operation with the participation of forces and from police and National Directorate Security to remove Daesh militants from Shinwar district of Nangarhar. Ministry of Defense Spokesman Dawlat Waziri said, “Joint operation by the participation of Police and National Directorate Security forces launched …

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Kot Religious Scholars Declared Jihad against ISIS Militants in Nangarhar

Huge number of the religious scholars, local residents of Kot district of Nangarhar province in gathering has declared Jihad against Islamic State of Iraq-Syria (ISIS) militants who decapitated several residents of the following district and burned dozen houses last year. The Ulema chief district Mawlawe Mohammad Amin said, “We as …

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U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Abandoned Equipment under Fire – General

American soldiers helping Afghan troops fight Islamic State militants in Afghanistan were forced to abandon sensitive equipment and weapons when their position came under fire, a U.S. military official said on Tuesday. Islamic State fighters recently circulated photos of a rocket launcher, grenades, ammunition, identification cards, and an encrypted radio …

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