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World health day observes in Kabul

The Ministry of Public Health on Sunday  observed the World Health day under the name of “Beat Disease” in Kabul. World Health Organization (WHO) each year selects a particular issue which is indicator of the most outstanding priority in the field of public health. The selected issue of the year …

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MoPH inaugurates first medical council

Officials in Ministry of Public health have inaugurated first medical council for gathering Doctors and gaining regional trusts and paving the way for receiving further education on health sector. Minister of Public health Ferozuddin Feroz said,” by launching such council Afghan Doctors could gain the regional and the world trusts, …

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Gov’t has no Political will to protect environment: NEPD

Officials in National Environment Protection Department ( NEPD) stated that Government of Afghanistan has no Political will to protect the environment from ruining. They have declared ignoring law, poor coordination, cultural poverty, no capacity within the Governmental departments are counted as the major problems for the National environment protection department. …

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MoPH praised medical team involved in Kunduz war

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) appreciated doctors who have provided health services during the war in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan. Afghan health minister says threats to the health workers in the provinces, lack of professional and diagnostic medical equipments, and lack of financial budget are the most common challenges …

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