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Elections 2018

VP Danish Harshly Criticized Electoral Bodies

Afghanistan’s Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Sunday harshly criticized the electoral commissions for what he called as weaknesses and inefficiencies. “The electoral bodies must understand that the people of Afghanistan have no patience and cannot tolerate their weaknesses and inefficiencies anymore. Now, the National Unity Government is obliged to …

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Gov’t Using Tricks to Postpone Presidential Election: Critics

A number of politicians and political parties claimed on Tuesday that the National Unity Government (NUG) is using tricks to postpone the upcoming presidential election. Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced this week that the country’s presidential election, which was originally scheduled for April 20, has been delayed for three …

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IEC Delays Afghanistan’s Presidential Election Until July 20

Afghanistan’s presidential election has been delayed until July 20, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced on Sunday. The presidential election which was originally scheduled for April 20, was delayed after problems raised in using a biometric system and finalizing results of Afghan parliamentary elections. According to the IEC Chief Abdul …

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