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Election 2014

Interfering continues on Election Process:IEC

Independent Election Commission IEC officials have said, “Hands still out there trying to disarrange the second round of the Presidential Election in Afghanistan.” The deputy of the IEC urged that investigation continues to find more information on the physical clashes among the campaigners occurred. However, the Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai campaigners …

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IEC Begins Auditing of 6000 Ballot Boxes

Independent Election Commission IEC officials have said both parties have agreed to launch a special auditing process over the 6000 boxes. It seems that both presidential candidates’ campaigners have been satisfied with beginning of such auditing process. IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor added that so far %41 of ballot boxes …

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Special Audit of 6,000 Boxes: New UN Plan

Based on a new plan of United Nations, about six thousand of specific ballot boxes will be audited specially, according to electoral teams of both candidates. Members of electoral teams from both the candidates announced Wednesday that three thousands of these boxes would be determined by Abdullah Abdullah’s team and …

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UNAMA Accused of Censorship

Ariana News and dozens of other media outlets have accused UNAMA of censorship and partiality after it didn’t allow TV channels except one private channel to cover Friday’s important event. Yesterday (Friday) a very important press conference between the Presidential candidates and US State Secretary John Kerry was held in …

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EU Condemns Kabul Insider Attack

The European Union Special Representative, Franz-Michael Melbin, has condemned yesterday’s attack on Afghan and international troops in west of Kabul. A man dressed in Afghan Army uniform opened fire on NATO troops in Afghan National Military Academy of Kabul, killing a senior US general and wounding 15 others, including Afghan …

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IEC Restarts Vote Audit Process

Independent Election Commission IEC has begun auditing the votes cast in Presidential run-off election without the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah observers. IEC officials have said,” we have been waiting to have the presence of the Abdullah Abdullah supervisors till 02:00 Pm today but none of his campaigners have attended …

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