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3 Days Business, Trade relationships Conference on Afghanistan-Asian Countries held in Almaty

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry have said,” in the following conference the Trade and business ways of Afghanistan and Asian countries will be reviewed.” Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Muzamil Shinwari said,” The main objective of the following conference is how to boost the economy and business …

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Parliament Should Take Budgeting Consumption As Serious: Supreme Audit Office

The Afghanistan Supreme Audit Office asked the Parliament of Afghanistan to take the budgeting consumption of different department as serious issues, though several Governmental departments haven’t been capable to spend their allocated budget they were not taken seriously in the past several years. Meanwhile the second vice President Mohammad Sarwar …

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President Ghani efforts to fight against MoD corruptions called unprecedented in the history by MEC

President Ghani cancelled MoD oil contracts after $215 million fraud alleged were found, but MoD procurement and supply officials are emphasizing on transparency. However, Yama Turabi a member of Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee said,” I believe this is an unprecedented effort in Afghanistan history to fight against …

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IDP remains uncompleted due to insecurities: MoE

India’s Development Projects (IDP) have been stopped in Afghanistan border areas due to insecurities, the Ministry of Economics (MoE) said. Acting minister of economics ministry, Hakim Khan Habibi said that development projects in provinces that borders Pakistan remained uncompleted about one and a half year. Habibi noted that the projects …

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