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Implementation of Facilitation of Global Trade Agreement Can Resolve Business Challenges: ACCI

Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry said the implementation of the facilitation of global trade agreement can resolve investing problems, will decrease additional taxes in custom departments, and paves the way for further cooperation among the joint borders countries and it would create best platform for the implementation of …

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National Solidarity Program Implemented 86000 Projects, Ended Saturday

Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) during press conference have announced the National Solidarity Programs end, saying the program implemented 86000 projects on building of roads, construction of bridges, fetching drinkable water, distribution of electricity, building of schools and clinics, the program worth $ 1,5 Billion Dollar …

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Afghan Craftsmen Sign Loan Agreement with Private Bank

A Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) worth $30 million was signed between the Afghanistan Industrial Association (AIA) and a private bank in Kabul on Wednesday. Dozens of craftsmen signed loan agreements based on Islamic banking with Afghanistan’s International Bank (AIB). “This loan is for four years, we are trying to seek …

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Preparation Underway to draft National Strategy to improve Exportation: MoCI

Officials at Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) have launched a joint session with the National investors and International organizations to exchange points of view over improving of the exportation process of the Afghanistan’s dry-fresh fruits to broad, saying preparations are underway to draft the National strategy to improve exportation …

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Gov’t Apathy Towards Industrialists

Officials in the Afghanistan Industrial Association (AIA) said Government of Afghanistan has failed to provide lands, decrease the electricity price, inaugurate industrial Bank, and to decrease the taxes over the imported commodities from abroad. Chief of the Afghanistan Industrial Association Sakhi Ahmad Paiman said, “The electricity price hiked again, the …

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